Is being vegan more environmentally friendly?

Can eating less meat help the environment? Watch the video to find out.


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


Johnno: Ruby, Happy World Vegan Day! I made you this cake. 

Ruby: Thanks, Johnno. It's, um, definitely vegan. 

Vegans can be hard to cook for. Like vegetarians, they don't eat meat. But they also rule out other animal products, like eggs, milk and sometimes even honey. 

There are different reasons people choose to be vegan, like animal welfare or as a way to eat healthier.

But there's another reason that's been getting a lot of attention recently. Last month, a big study came out looking into the effect our food has on the environment. And it found that eating less meat is one of the most important things we can do to help the planet. 

You see, a huge amount of the earth's resources go into raising livestock for meat. In some places, forests are cleared to make space for animals and to grow their food. They also use a lot of water. And these ones in particular create a lot of carbon emissions. Cow burps and farts account for about 16 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The study says, to prevent permanent damage to our planet, the average world citizen needs to eat 75 per cent less beef, 90 per cent less pork and 50 per cent fewer eggs. 

Of course, not everyone's going to go vegan or give up eating meat completely. But swapping your beef for beans or your chicken for chickpeas every so often might not be such a bad idea. 

Ruby: All right, Johnno, try this.

Johnno: Mmm. This is vegan? 

Ruby: Yeah. It's not all rabbit food.



Do you eat meat and animal products? Would you consider eating less meat to help the environment?

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Profile picture for user FlowerQueen

Submitted by FlowerQueen on Sat, 01/07/2023 - 20:11

Yes, I eat meat and other animal products. I think I could't live without meat.
Our family already trys to eat less meat.

Submitted by PolinaLogvinenko on Fri, 07/01/2022 - 14:12

I eat meat and animal products. I would never become a vegetarian, because I don't think that this way I will save the planet.

Submitted by hermione123 on Thu, 04/01/2021 - 14:03

I still can't be a vegan, but I think being vegan is healthy and sounds cool. I'll consider to be a vegan someday. But maybe not fully vegan, it sounds rather hard and a bit too challenging for me. I still think and feel I can't live without meat or cheese or other animal products.
Profile picture for user samoiset

Submitted by samoiset on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 11:16

and what is vegan
Profile picture for user Tina - Coordinator

Submitted by Tina - Coordinator on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 09:23

Hi samoiset, 

A vegan is someone who does not eat or use animal products.
Best wishes,
Tina (LearnEnglish Teens team)

In reply to by samoiset

Profile picture for user samoiset

Submitted by samoiset on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 11:16

hi what is seneak mean
Profile picture for user Tina - Coordinator

Submitted by Tina - Coordinator on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 09:27

Hi samoiset,

I'm sorry I don't know what this word means. Where did you see it?
Best wishes,
Tina (LearnEnglish Teens team)

In reply to by samoiset

Profile picture for user samoiset

Submitted by samoiset on Wed, 06/03/2020 - 06:52


In reply to by Tina - Coordinator

Submitted by Seastar on Fri, 05/29/2020 - 08:30

I think it's cool to be a vegan, because they want to save the world. I can't live without steaks, but I support animal welfare. I don't drink much milk and I don't eat many eggs. I never buy real leather or fur.

Submitted by hermione123 on Thu, 04/01/2021 - 13:45

No one can't live without steak, I'm included. Well, except vegan people. But I agree with your opinions that there are still some ways to help animal and save the world ;)

In reply to by Seastar

Submitted by jeonmin_bts on Thu, 05/28/2020 - 20:31

no I think I eat less meat because it is important for the development of children.if for that meat we eat it is animal and these die
Profile picture for user HubertvonVesra

Submitted by HubertvonVesra on Fri, 05/22/2020 - 13:21

i think being too much vegan isn't good.I mean if we eat too much vegetables, it will harm our environment one way or another. I don't think not eating meat will help us much. Besides, the animals are going to die anyway

Submitted by papitechi on Fri, 05/22/2020 - 10:44

At our time and age, it is important for us pre-teens to include meat (protein) as part of our diet consisting of dairy products and vegetables. Although I am reluctant to completely give up on meat, if there is a chance in the future and if veganism is the only way to help save the planet, I might take it into consideration.

Submitted by Thet_2005 on Fri, 05/22/2020 - 09:26

I eat meat and animal products. I’m a meat lover but every Friday I eat only vegetables to help the environment and for the animal welfare.

Submitted by hermione123 on Thu, 04/01/2021 - 13:57

Oh cool! Eating only vegetables every friday is a great way to help the environment. And also a great way for us (who aren't vegan) to start learning about it. Maybe I will try to do that.

In reply to by Thet_2005

Submitted by carbonarapasta on Thu, 05/07/2020 - 08:46

I eat meat and milk. I think it’s important for people to do things for the environment and veganism would be a solution to that.

Submitted by Gamaliel2007 on Thu, 05/07/2020 - 02:55

1~Yes, as meat and derivatives of animal products, 2~ Yes, so that no more animals die.

Submitted by jeonmin_bts on Wed, 05/06/2020 - 01:51

I like to eat animal products and meat. I think at my age is good for my body and development. But I have respect for animals

Submitted by Carbonelratufepikad on Wed, 04/08/2020 - 13:37

I don't think I will eat less meat because it's important for the children's development. I think we just have to respect the animal who die for us, and don't waste the meat!
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