Black History Month: All you need to know

What do you know about Black History Month? Watch the video and find out more.


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Black History Month. Let's start from the beginning and find out who created it. Well, a black man born in the US in 1875, named Carter G Woodson, studied history throughout his life, and he worked hard to promote black history in schools. He then created Black History Week, which then turned into a whole month. It was originally founded to recognise the contributions of people from African and Caribbean backgrounds. In the United States it's in February, but in the UK it's in October. 

You may be thinking, Why isn't there a history month for other races and ethnicities? Well, there is an East and South East Asian Heritage Month, but they're perhaps not as widely known as Black History Month, and when it comes to other races, while they don't all have an official history month that's been formally recognised, they do celebrate their history in lots of other ways. 

So why is Black History Month important? Let me explain. Black people have lived in the UK for hundreds of years and play a key part in British history. However, some people believe that their stories have not always been told and can often be overlooked. Many campaigners want schools to include more black history and lessons, so Black History Month is a time to celebrate those people and their stories. 

So now we know who created it and why, but how do people celebrate it? There's a few, so I need a deep breath! School fairs, learning about black history, awards, TV shows, reading books by black authors, cooking events, supporting black businesses, attending black history events, donating to charities and many, many more! Now you're all set, but don't mind me. I just need to go and catch my breath.



Are you doing anything for Black History Month?

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