Break the bias

This music video asks us all to support women and stop discrimination. Enjoy the song!


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'Break the bias' means it's time to question our own minds. Bias may be natural, but it also may be an excuse. Bias can be broken – gender bias must be broken – because it leads to hate, it leads to violence, it leads to cages.

We yelling break the bias
Why does my gender mean that I should just be quiet?
Oh no
I'm not with it
And I don't buy it
Let's all be equal in these spaces
We should try it
Let's break the bias

We yelling break the bias
Women are beautiful and still as strong as lions
Don't support it, don't supply it
Don't you see the value
If you don't know how to
Here's a start
Let's break the bias

Verse 1:
Gender bias
Stop that stuff
When they run it by us
Things I don't like
Gets real bad when you multiply it
We just wanna be equal
All this hate is real lethal
Bias at work
Bias at home
We can't stop till the bias all gone

We're innovators, educators
Used to fight to be seen
Taught to be timid and weak
Cross our legs and soften our speech
But normal doesn't mean right
And right is always subjective
So what was OK then
Isn't that now
We modified the objective

The bias, it starts in the mind
We gotta focus on changing
These are new rules that we're laying
Just because I'm a woman
My only worth isn't cooking and cleaning
My only job isn't being a wife
It's time for us to get it all right

Verse 2:
Break it clean
Undo everything
Watch it unravel at the seams
There is so much hope
For everything that we could be
But gender bias stopping us from all being free

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the truth
Hey, you know what I mean
They want us to sit down and shut up
But we got plans to rise up
We're all in this together
And hate can't spread forever
So just imagine
Break the bias
We'll be so much better

If we could even out the score
Fix it from the core
No more wanting to be equal
Don't have to fight it any more
We have to understand exactly what we're doing this for
A better world
A better life
And everything that's in store

You don't know me because of how I look, what I wear, how I sound, where I live. Question your mind. Break the bias.

Lyrics by Justis Chanell
© Janet Taris


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