Britain's fastest cyclist

How fast do you think you can go on a normal bike? Check out this video and you'll see Guy Martin go at over 112 miles per hour, that's more than 180 kilometres per hour! Wow! 


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Guy Martin: I'll never forget the day on the beach. After that first run, I think we did a run at 60 mile an hour, just to get the feel of how everything was going to go and that then and that then I knew, whoa, this ain't right. This is going to go wrong.

What is it? Three mile of beach and you look at that and well, it's straight enough, straight enough and you are stood there looking, straight enough but when you are going around a slight curve, but when you're going round all slight curves at over 100 mile an hour, eh, yeah they're not slight curves ... they're ...

Yeah, it took every bit just for me to be able to stay in behind the truck and I had to stay. If I had dropped off the side of the truck, I was going to get the wind blast and it was going to take me off. So it just ... and for me the biggest thing, like, I'm used to riding usually on tarmac and the tarmac’s a constant, it's ... it's solid so the bike gives a bit, the tyres deflect, the wheels deflect, the frame deflects a bit so you get the feeling through the bike ... but because we were doing it on the beach it was all the deflection was taking place on the sand and it was just giving this really alien feel on the bike, really alien. It just felt horrible, felt horrible, horrible.

Can I tell the speed that we did? I know it, I know exactly. We did 112.94 mile an hour. It scarred me for life I think, that moment when I were doing 112.94 on my pushbike.

The whole thing, the skin of my teeth!

All, all the variants we had on that day, that was as fast as we could have gone. But I still think we've got unfinished business, I think ...

Interviewer: Could you go any more? 


I now, I've got it set in my mind. I don't know how I'm going to do it. I want to do 200 mile an hour on a pushbike, I want to do 200 mile on a pushbike. I’m not saying … that is not going to be easy, it's not going to be easy. You know we need to make a few changes to the bike, a few bits and bobs. It's all, it's all possible. I just need to get you boys talked into it! Yeah, yeah!

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Do you like cycling? What sort of bike have you got and where do you go on it? 

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