Camila Cabello talks about Beyoncé

The Grammys are annual music awards in the USA. What happened when Beyoncé went to the ceremony with her little daughter, Blue Ivy? Singer Camila Cabello tells the story.


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Grimmy: Camila Cabello, our guest this morning. And I’ve got to talk to you about something that we’ve … I can’t believe we’ve waited until now to talk about this. Because when you were at the Grammys …

Camila: Yes.

Grimmy: … you were part of something which was, like, I feel, like, ‘steal’, like the ‘steal’ of the night, like, the moment of the night at the Grammys, which was: you were on stage and you were, you were presenting?

Camila: Yeah, I was presenting.

Grimmy: You were presenting and in the crowd was, you know, every famous person in the world. So you’ve got, like, Beyoncé and Jay-Z and in the middle, Blue Ivy.

Camila: Blue Ivy.

Grimmy: And of course, the next day the headlines were: ‘Blue Ivy is doing a weird “shush-y” thing to her mum and dad’. Do you remember?

Camila: What do you think that means?

Grimmy: I don’t know.

Camila: I was … I was … I had a moment of just … insecurity. I surprised myself.

Grimmy: Uh huh.

Camila: I was like, ‘What does that mean?’ I literally went into the … I was like, I’m not going to go into this wormhole of, like, ‘Do you think that she didn’t like my speech?’ or ‘Do you …?’, like, what do you think?

Grimmy: I don’t know. I think …

Camila: I literally stopped. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m not going to think about that.’

Grimmy: Right. We can’t think about what Blue Ivy’s …

Camila: No. Because I feel like, she would like me.

Grimmy: Yeah. I think she’d like you. I took it as …

Camila: Kids like me!

Grimmy: (laughs) ‘I’m a favourite with kids, right? So, she likes me!’ I think what she was doing was … was, like, she was over the applause interrupting your speech.

Camila: Are you lying?

Grimmy: No! I do.

Camila: You really think that?

Grimmy: I think she was saying to, like, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, to her mum and dad, like, ‘She’s not finished. She’s still talking.’ So I think she was like, ‘Be cool. Be cool.’

Camila: Aww.

Grimmy: Jay-Z’s face in that, by the way, is my favourite face of the year.

Camila: I didn’t really study that as long as I, you know, as I should have.

Grimmy: Please re-watch. Please re-watch. Because he is like, ‘What are you doing?’

Camila: (laughs) No way!

Grimmy: Yeah! It’s real … he’s like, ‘Uh!’

Camila: No way! Oh my God. That’s so cute! That’s so adorable. No, I was … I thank God that I didn’t look down at the crowd while that was happening. Because that would have …

Grimmy: Yeah, ‘She’s shushing me!’

Camila: No! Just … no, no, no, no. Just seeing them there. Actually, just seeing people there.

Grimmy: Uh-huh.

Camila: I would have just been like, ‘Wow!’

Grimmy: Yeah, you can’t …

Camila: The good thing is I had just come off … off of Kesha’s performance.

Grimmy: Uh-huh.

Camila: So I was like … I didn’t have time to be … to think about it.

Grimmy: Yeah.

Camila: You know what I mean?

Grimmy: Yeah.

Camila: And, you know what’s crazy? The day before the Grammys, I had to make this emergency trip to the eye doctor.

Grimmy: Right.

Camila: Because I can’t see … Now, oh my God, now I’m thinking about the Brits because I’m presenting at the Brits!

Grimmy: Yes.

Camila: And I can’t see from far away.

Grimmy: So you can’t read the thing.

Camila: So I can’t read the prompters. And so … my Grammys thing was long and I couldn’t memorise it. And also, memorising it is terrifying.

Grimmy: Yeah, that’s too scary.

Camila: It’s terrifying.

Grimmy: It’s TV and everyone fails.

Camila: So I had to go to the eye doctor and get glasses made and I had to put on my glasses.

Grimmy: I like the glasses.

Camila: But it was with my cute outfit.

Grimmy: Yeah!

Camila: So now I’m going to have to put on my glasses with the Brits and I’m wearing this pretty dress. Like, come on, Grimmy!

Grimmy: I think you can do it. You can wear those glasses. I think you just get them out and be like, ‘These are my reading glasses.’

Camila: If I eat, like, ten bowls of carrots …

Grimmy: Uh-huh.

Camila: Do think it’ll … is it too late?

Grimmy: I think if we do ten today, twelve tomorrow, sixteen on Wednesday …

Camila: Do you think my eyes will be …

Grimmy: … you will be able to read it. You’ve got this.



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