David Beckham puts Brooklyn in his place

What’s the worst thing about having famous parents? Perhaps it’s their ability to troll you on Instagram. Watch David Beckham talk about his funny online comments towards his son, Brooklyn.


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Graham: I don’t know what it’s like with mothers and daughters, but with fathers and sons there is a rivalry, there’s bound to be a kind of … particularly Brooklyn, now. He’s 16, he’s becoming his own man and stuff. And it is so funny, like, the way you try to score points against each other. So, Brooklyn put this picture up on Instagram. And he put on it, ‘Rocking the old-school Ralph Lauren.’ And look at that, it’s got 317,000 likes. OK. So that … you know, cool in his Ralph Lauren. And you scroll through the comments, you know, ‘Oh yeah, whatever’, blah, blah, ‘What a babe’, blah, blah, blah. You get down to this one: Mr David Beckham, ‘That’s my jumper!’

(audience laughs)

Graham: That’s so mean!

David: Actually … but it actually is my jumper. I was sat at lunch, actually, when that came up on my screen that he’d just posted a picture of him. And it was my jumper so I had to tell him. But I do find him going in my wardrobe, even though he doesn’t think I’m that … cool a dad, I still find him wearing my clothes every single day.

Graham: This one’s beautiful. So, this is him. It’s a little video he posted on Instagram to really boast about the number of his followers. Here we go.

Brooklyn: So, it’s my mum’s birthday today.

David: Brooklyn, we’re leaving!

Brooklyn: OK. I just reached a million followers.

David: I’ve got 52!

(audience laughs)

Graham: His face! He is …

David: I was … We were literally just about to walk out the door and I could hear him talking in his room and I thought … And then I heard him say, you know, ‘I’ve just about … just reached a million.’ So …

Graham: You destroyed that boy!

David: To be honest, you know, when we’re out, he gets recognised so much that I’m literally, you know, I’m known as Brooklyn’s dad now.

(audience laughs)

David: And that’s kind of it … I’m the one that takes the picture of him …

Graham: Yeah, no one’s buying that.



Would you be happy if your parents followed you on social media? Do you agree that Brooklyn is more famous than his father?

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Profile picture for user empty

Submitted by empty on Fri, 06/21/2019 - 11:48

Would you be happy if your parents followed you on social media? umm....I'd be embarrassed .
Profile picture for user KemoF

Submitted by KemoF on Thu, 02/21/2019 - 00:35

Aha..... as for your question, I'd be embarassed! Cuz it's SOCIAL media, not FAMILY media! Look at the Brooklyn's face when he was interrupted by his father...! :( I agree with "You destroyed that boy!"
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