How to make your own Christmas card

Do you send Christmas cards? Why not make your own one to send to your family or a friend? Watch and find out how!


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And there’s only one thing for us to do now but to make the card and it is very, very simple. All you need is a piece of coloured card, a piece of white card, a picture/photo, a yoghurt lid, some glitter, pipe cleaners and an old magazine as well.

So it’s time to get crackalacking. The very first thing that you do is you put a load of glue on the coloured card and we’re then going to stick that onto the white card. The white card just enables us to write our message on the inside of the card and it makes the card a little bit sturdier when it takes pride of place on my mum’s mantelpiece, which is exactly where this one’s going. No doubt about that.

So once that’s done, you can see, that’s the basic foundation of the card. But I’ll move that to one side and I’ll focus on the snow globe.

So this is a picture I’ve got here of Hacker and Dodge. You might recognise these two little rascals. I downloaded this from the CBBC website. You can do that yourself or you can have a personalised card, so you can have perhaps a loved one or whoever or whatever you want.  

Then with that yoghurt lid, this is my window onto the card, I’m gonna choose where I want it. I’ll have it just about there. And I wanna draw a circle on, around. You don’t need to be particularly neat. That’ll become clear in just a second and that’s because when you cut around the edge we actually don’t even want you to get particularly near to the line. Leave a nice little margin because it’ll make the following stage just that bit easier. The thing I love about this card is the fact that you can include anyone you want on it. So it’s not a generic card. You can make it CBBC-tastic or personalised for your loved one.

And once you’ve done that you can then just put your yoghurt lid there, like so. Take a piece of sticky tape out and then begin to stick the picture onto the lid.

And once you’ve done that and you’ve stuck all the way around the edge, you’ll have something which looks like this. Now, you will also note that there’s actually an opening there and that is where our glitter is going to go in. That is what’s going to make the snow effects that we want. How much glitter I put in? All of it. Cos as we say at Christmas time, ‘the more the merrier’. So there. Merrier. It’s Christmas time!

Anyway, no laughter, we’re going to move on and we’re gonna seal the rest of the lid with a bit of sticky tape there. And, again, you’ll have a little bit more time than I have got here. And once that’s done that should hopefully seal all the glitter. I’ll give it a shake just to check. That looks done to me.

Now I’ll bring the original card back and I’m gonna stick the snow globe onto it. Now, I’m putting the glue onto the card, rather than the snow globe cos it does make things that bit easier.

When that’s done, it’s now time to decorate. My favourite part. So we want it to look as much like these beautiful creations as possible. You can see this is where the pipe cleaners come in. So, you take your pipe cleaner and you wrap the pipe cleaner around the yoghurt lid. And as you can see, it does cover the edge. But just a little point, you can see I’ve left probably a bit too much of an edge there. So although we want you to leave an edge around the lid, don’t leave too much. Just so that way the pipe cleaner can help cover it. And if you’ve got time to glue that down, that’s exactly what I’ll do and I’ll also add a bit of a border as well.

And when you’ve done that, you’ll have something which looks like this. So we’ve nearly got the finished product right here. It is ... ooooh! Sound effects. Can we hear that again? We can’t ... there we go. And it’s just time to put the ‘s’ of ‘Christmas’ on. This is where the old magazine comes in. This ‘s’ was taken from a magazine headline which said, ‘Shock, horror, Lindsey Russell only took two hours in make-up this week.’

That’s right. There you go, ha ha ha! And there we have our finished Christmas card. I’ll give it a little shake there.

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Do you celebrate Christmas or another important festival? Do you give cards? How do you celebrate?

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Submitted by NehoSak on Wed, 02/08/2023 - 11:18

I made one for mum and one for dad.

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Submitted by Kalenkhoe on Tue, 12/01/2020 - 04:29

I want to make one.

Submitted by cookiepg on Fri, 08/28/2020 - 09:27

happy .................
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Submitted by empty on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 04:01

I'll make a Christmas card !

Submitted by iiiiii__ on Sun, 12/23/2018 - 17:20

I'll make a Christmas card for my best friend!
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