'Speak out to make a change'

In this video, two young people talk about the racism they've faced and how they want things to change in the future.


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


Presenter: Some people in America have said that when they're growing up, they often have a talk with their parents or older family members about what to do if you are stopped by the police. What types of things have you been taught to do?

Young man: Don't make any sudden movements, because they might think that you're, like, reaching for a gun or something. Erm, and just like to be totally complicit with them. But that's the thing that, like, um, really got to me about the recent killings is that they were doing everything the cops asked them to and being totally respectful. But they were still killed for no reason.

Young woman: Having to have these types of conversations, it's not fair, it's not. But I think that it's really important that all, all black kids, or every kid in America should have these kinds of conversations because it's, it's the reality of the world that we live in.

Young man: One time when I was, like, eight, I think, I was attacked by a kid who threw a rock at my head and then I screamed at him so he started crying. But then the people who were running the place grabbed me and started yelling at me, telling me I did something to him and things like that. I've also been called the 'n' word on multiple occasions.

Young woman: I was in kindergarten and kids would ask me why my skin was so dark. I remember coming home and asking my mom the same question 'cause I didn't understand.

Presenter: What can people do to help to make things more equal?

Young man: You can spread awareness, you can go to protests, sign petitions ...

Young woman: I think informing people and telling them this is a real issue that people are trying to fight every day. And to fix the law systems and make them more fair for people of colour.

Presenter: If things don't change, how do you see your life going as a young black person in America?

Young man: I will continue to fight until I see change. You cannot put a price on a human life. And if people continue to die for no reason, I will continue to fight until that changes. Everybody has a voice, you can make a difference, and we need everybody to speak out to make a change.



What can you do to help stop racism?

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