SuperJam set to make teenager a millionaire

Do you have any special family recipes? Watch this video about a Scottish teenager who has created an international business from his Gran's jam recipe.


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Reporter: Scots teenager Fraser Doherty is well on his way to becoming a millionaire, and it's all thanks to his gran, and her jam.

Fraser: SuperJam started when I was about fourteen years old. And my grandmother just told me how to make jam one afternoon and I got really excited about it and started selling it to the neighbours, and at church fairs and farmers' markets. It soon got to the point where I was making about a thousand jars of jam a week, in my parents' tiny little kitchen. And, you know, they were never getting in to cook their dinner. And I soon moved into a factory and started, after a few years, supplying Tesco and Asda and Morrisons, and all the big supermarkets. So it's been quite an adventure and it's really taken off from tiny little beginnings here in this kitchen.

Reporter: He may have started small, but now over half a million jars of SuperJam are produced every year at this factory in the north of England. He supplies nearly 1000 supermarkets around Britain. Not bad for a nineteen-year-old who still lives at home.

Fraser: When I was fourteen I was cooking, you know, a few dozen jars at a time in my parents' kitchen. I would never have imagined that everything would have grown to the point where I'm supplying major supermarkets and, you know, people all over the world are interested in SuperJam.

Reporter: Fraser's original idea was to create the healthiest preserve possible, using grape juice to sweeten it rather than sugar. And the recipe is going down a treat. His gran and the rest of the family are delighted at his spreading success.

Fraser's father: Even around the world there's quite a bit of interest, so hopefully he'll keep going and I can retire soon.

Reporter: He hopes 2009 will see him crack the lucrative American market. It would be a jammy break for this jam entrepreneur.

Rona Dougall, Sky News, Edinburgh.

© Sky News


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