Sustainable development goals

How can we make the world a better place? Listen to this song and learn how people plan to improve the world.


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


The United Nations is an organisation with goals of peace and sustainable development around the world. Their mission is huge, but we’re breaking it down in two minutes.


17 sustainable development goals

Let’s get to ’em ’cause the more you know


In some corners of the world today

People are living on a dollar a day

Hey, that’s not how it ought to be

So goal 1? Eliminate poverty

And goal 2, root out hunger across the globe

There’s 800 million people hungry, if you want to know

Number 3 is health and well-being

And getting people the health care that they’re needing

Learning and school are the heart of goal 4

Education opens up minds and doors

Goal number 5 is empower girls and women

So they can have the same rights that men are given

Number 6: people need water that’s clean

Poor sanitation can spread disease

Carbon-free energy is goal number 7

And how to achieve it is a question that’s pressing

But if we put our minds together

And work hard, we can find a solution, I’m guessing



17 sustainable development goals

To improve life all around the globe

Protecting human health and the environment

Whatever bed we make we’re going to have to lie in it (x 2)


Now imagine that you work all day for no pay

Economic growth and decent work is goal 8

Goal number 9 is to foster innovation

In infrastructure and industrialisation

Goal number 10: inequality reduction

11 is sustainable city construction

12: well, that’s sustainable consumption

So what we use matches up with production

Goal 13 calls for urgent action

To combat climate change ’cause we know it’s happening

14: protect life under seas

15: protect life on land

Goal 16 is for peace and justice

All over the planet, they’re in high demand

And the final goal, number 17

It’s the critical factor, the heart of the machine

It’s to strengthen the way we achieve these goals

Of sustainable development around the globe, yo




Which goal is important for your country? What can you do to help people and make the world a better place?

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