Teenager becomes Jetski champ

Do you have any hobbies that you don't have in common with your friends? A teenager whose friends all like football tried jet-skiing, and ended up as the UK freestyle champion!


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Reporter: He's only fourteen and whilst most his mates love football, Jack Moule is more of a water-boy wonder. Because football isn't his thing – jetskiing is.

Jack: I've found that jetskiing I can meet great people and really enjoy, like, the people, and really enjoy the sport. And if you do a trick wrong or do something wrong, people won't shout at you and the only person that’s mad at you is yourself, really.

Reporter: A lot of adrenaline as well, I imagine.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, of course. With this 22-stone jetski going over the top of your head, yeah, you don't really want it landing on you, so yeah, you've got to let, get a lot of adrenaline rush from it.

Reporter: He became UK freestyle champ, putting clear water between him and his nearest rival.

Jack: There's three different types of tricks: there's above-the-water, on-the-water and below-the-water. A* above-the-water trick is called a barrel roll where you do a 360 twist in the air and land exactly the same way. A* on-top-of-the-water is a bulldog or on top of the hood where you're kind of on the side of the jetski and you can do 180 and 360 spins on it. And a below-the-water trick is a sub where you bounce the seat up into the air, tuck your legs in and then you go under the water, and you can come up facing the other way.

Reporter: The UK championships is just the start for Jack. His ambition is to make a splash on a bigger stage.

Jack: My future is to go to the world finals in Arizona, in America, and compete against the best in the world, really.

Reporter: Have you ever had any really scary moments doing this?

Jack: When I first started trying barrel rolls, at one point I was upside-down and I let go of it, by an accident, and yeah, that was pretty sketchy. It almost hit me.

Reporter: Jack's friends say he's flipping mad, but he's also flipping good.

Alistair Bunkall, Sky News, Buckinghamshire.

* Jack says ‘A’ but speakers would usually say ‘an’.

© Sky News


Do you have any hobbies or interests that you don't share with your friends?

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All my hobbies I share with my friends, as I feel lonely without my friends, when I do sth.
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