The two euro T-shirt

Would you buy a T-shirt from a vending machine? Do you ever wonder why clothes are sometimes very cheap? Watch this video and see what happens when people are offered the chance to buy a T-shirt for two euros.  


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


There are no correct answers for this exercises so you do not need to click the submit button when you finish. It's your opinion that is important. 


People want fashion for a bargain.

But would they still buy it, if they knew how it was made?

Meet Manisha.

One of millions.

Making our cheap clothing.

For as little as 13 cents an hour.

Each day for 16 hours.

Do you still want to buy this 2€ T-shirt?



Thank you.

People care when they know.

Help us remind the world.

Share this to start the Fashion Revolution.

Fashion Revolution? Who made my clothes? #FASHREV

© Fashion Revolution


What would you have done at the vending machine? Would you have bought the T-shirt or donated the money? 

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