Your image – your future

Many of us share selfies and photos online. But how do other people see you based on these photos, and could this somehow affect your future? This video was created for Safer Internet Day. Watch it to learn more about how important it is to take care with what you share online. 


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


Interviewer: If you saw a picture like that online, would you consider giving this person a job?

Woman: Erm, no.

Woman: It's not good. I don't know who they are.

Interviewer: What do you think of this person by seeing that photo?

Man: Snapchat.

Man: Kind of annoying.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to this person about presenting themselves online?

Man: Probably try and mix up the Snapchat filter photos with more normal photos as well.

Interviewer: By seeing images like this online, what do you think of this person?

Man: I don't know what it says about the personality there. They can't take themselves very seriously.

Man: The second one, I'm not quite sure.

Interviewer: What do you think about this person and their online image?

Man: Disturbing!

Interviewer: What would you recommend to this person about improving their online image?

Woman: To get rid of the childish Snapchat filter.

Interviewer: OK. If you saw pictures like this online, would you be more inclined to give this person a job?

Woman: Yes. She looks a bit smarter.

Interviewer: If you saw a picture like this, would you be more likely to employ someone?

Woman: He looks like someone that can market for my organisation.

Woman: This person to me would be more employable.

Boy in photos: Hello.

Woman: Hello. Is that you?

Boy in photos: Yeah.

Man: Is that you? Are you the other one as well?

Girl in photos: Yeah. When one of them said that I was a bit childish it kind of hurt a little bit, yeah.

Boy in photos: It has, it's definitely made me think to be careful what I put up. Is it immature or too silly? Is it making me … What will it be like a couple of years on? Will it affect me in any way?

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Do you often share selfies and photos? What good advice did you find in the video?

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Submitted by TR790 on Sun, 05/24/2020 - 14:20

I don't do it. I often share selfies and photos with my friends but I don't use dog filters. I t makes me feel like a real dog. I hate it.
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