YouTubers and Twitch streamers share tips for Safer Internet Day

In this video YouTubers and Twitch streamers share some really useful advice about how to stay safe on the internet. Watch and listen carefully so you keep safe and enjoy your time online.


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


James: Hey, guys. My name’s James. I’m a YouTuber by the name Wizzite and I’m here to tell you guys: be careful what you post online because once it’s online, it’s online forever. Be aware, be safe.

Vikkstar123: I’m Vikkstar123 and my tip for using the internet in a safer way is to be very careful when arranging to meet someone that you know online in person. Never do it alone – you don’t know who that person may actually be.

Ashley Marie: What is up? It is Ashley Marie here and my tip for Internet Safety Day is to make sure that your social media profiles are set to private. This ensures your safety.

Pizza: What’s up, guys? I’m Pizza from CodeNamePizza and today I’ve got a little tip for you guys. If you see anything online on the internet that worries you at all, just make sure you do tell a trusted adult.

FragManSaul: Hey, guys. FragManSaul here, and welcome to my top tip of internet safety! That’s right, do not accept friend requests from strangers, guys. You just never know who they are, even if they have a mutual friend. Stay safe. FragMan out.

Jake: Hello. Online my name is Jake. Well, no, my YouTube channel’s different … OK, I’ve already messed this up!

Josh: Hi there. My name’s Josh and I’m from the channel Slogoman on YouTube, where I create gaming and real-life content for people to watch sometimes. My tip for Safer Internet Day is to be smart and protective with your passwords on all of your accounts online.

Kelly Jean: My name is Kelly Jean and I am a streamer on Twitch TV. I play video games and I do cosplay, all whilst live streaming. So, my piece of advice to you guys is: do not tag people in pictures or posts unless you’re sure that they will like it. Potentially, other people that you don’t know at all will see those tags and that can be a problem if you’re trying to be private.

Jake: So, internet safety: make sure that people online, even if they say one mean thing about you, don’t let it get to you because you are who you are and they’re the ones who are sitting in their room or just on their phone just being a loser, OK? They’re the losers here, not you, all right? Safe. Yeah, that’s …  

CR: Yes, yes, yes! CR here. Here is another safety tip: do not ever share personal or inappropriate photographs online because once they are online, they are there for good. You have no control over them and people can and will share them.

Josh: Make sure to not have the same password for all of your accounts and to have lots of different ones. Make sure to have all sorts of random characters, upper case, lower case, numbers in those passwords to make them super safe.

Alex: Hey, guys. How are you doing? My name is Alex from the Arekkz gaming YouTube channel and today we’re talking about internet safety – more importantly, installing programs. See, sometimes when you install a program, you get your little dialogue box and occasionally hidden in the corner, bottom left, bottom right, somewhere, there might be a little tick box that says, ‘Hey, do you want to install this as well?’ Let me tell you right now: you never, never want to install the extra stuff because what might take a minute to install will probably take many, many hours to uninstall. Don’t just hit ‘next’, because if you do, you might be installing more than you bargained for.

Tommy: Hello, I’m Tommy …

Adam: … and I’m Adam …

Tommy: … and we are TwoAngryGamersTV and we’re here to tell you: don’t share your password with anyone.

Adam: Never.

Tommy: Just not even your closest mate. It’s just not worth it.

Adam: No. Now, what you should also do is put as many different numbers and characters into your password as possible, making it as difficult for those evil computer hackers to get into. So, mine, for instance: d7x247_!x24.

Tommy: You’ve just told them your password.

Adam: Oh no!

Yammy: Hey there. My name is Yammy and I run the channel Yammy xox on YouTube. My top tip for internet safety is: don’t feed the trolls! It’s what they want. Ignoring them and blocking them is always best and, if so be it, report them to the appropriate authorities.

Josh: And that’s the sort of security you need to be ultra-safe on the internet and make sure no one can steal any of your personal information and secrets. Bye!

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they say their names and their youtube channels everytime they give their own tips

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