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What happens if there's no natural snow at the Winter Olympics or other sporting events? Well, snow is made! Find out who is making the snow at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. 
Can you imagine travelling in a car without a driver? It may sound like science fiction but driverless cars will be with us sooner than you think!
Cyberbullying is a problem that everyone who uses the internet needs to be aware of. This video was created for schoolchildren in the UK to watch to warn them about the dangers of cyberbullying. 
This video tells the inspiring story of a paraplegic mum who finds freedom through surfing thanks to one of her son's friends. 
This video asks people about the most bizarre electrical Christmas present they have ever received. Have you ever received a strange electrical gift?
picture of a hippo in a house
Some people have unusual pets, but this is ridiculous! Watch this video and find out about Jessica the hippo's luxury life. 
astronaut Chris Hadfield
What do you think will happen if you wring out a wet cloth in space? Astronaut Chris Hadfield performed a simple science experiment designed by high school students to find out.
picture of a dog
Do you think your dog knows when you're happy, sad or angry? Watch this video to find out what scientists have discovered about the relationship between dogs and humans.
Do you have any special family recipes? Watch this video about a Scottish teenager who has created an international business from his Gran's jam recipe.
Do you have any hobbies that you don't have in common with your friends? A teenager whose friends all like football tried jet-skiing, and ended up as the UK freestyle champion!
picture of an Easter egg
Easter eggs are special eggs that are often given to celebrate the Christian holiday of Easter. Sometimes they are made out of chocolate. Have you ever eaten an Easter egg? Watch this video to find out how they are made.
screenshot from the Eating Insects video
They're full of vitamins and minerals, but the thought of eating them makes most people feel sick. Watch this video about one man's mission to promote bugs as a food source!
picture of a porcupine and lions
If a large animal like a lion was chasing after you, what would you do? Watch this video to see how a small porcupine defends itself.
picture of chillies
Your mouth is burning, your eyes are watering and you're sweating ... but some people love it! Watch this video about chillies and find out why they are spicy for us, but a bird can eat them just fine.
Picture of the moon
How much do you know about the moon? Is it older or younger than the Earth? Where did it come from? Watch and find out!
picture of Christmas trees
Do you put up Christmas trees in your home or town? It's traditional to put up Christmas trees in Britain but nowadays most people prefer artificial ones, not real ones. Watch this video to find out where they come from and how they're made!
picture of Jamie Oliver
Are you a good cook? Do you want to know how to make something simple and delicious to eat? Watch this video and learn the secrets to making a perfect omelette!
picture from lies: a book trailer
Something very strange has happened: all the adults have suddenly gone from the world. What will happen now? How will the children survive? Watch the trailer!
Picture of Manhattan
Manhattan, in the centre of New York, has some of the tallest buildings in the world, all thanks to the Ice Age. Why? Watch this video and find out!
picture of an archer fish
The archer fish and the velvet worm have developed amazing ways of catching their food. Can you guess how they do it? Watch and see.
screenshot of Felix Baumgartner's skydive
The daredevil Felix Baumgartner's latest stunt has made news headlines around the world. What record did he break? Watch and find out!
What do you know about black holes? What would happen if you fell into one? Could you escape? Watch this video to find out.
screenshot of Roman Britain
Did you know that Britain was once Roman? Watch Eric in this video as he imagines what life was like in Roman times.
picture of a cobra
A big animal is chasing you and wants to eat you ... What do you do? Watch this clip to see how a cobra protects itself.
picture of Sophia, a Facebook employee
Do you think most computer programmers are men or women? Why do you think that is? Watch this video to find out why Facebook is trying to get more women in tech.
picture of Brian in Zero-G flight
What would it be like if there was no gravity holding you down? Watch this video and find out!
picture of Jay, the vocal coach
Jay is a vocal coach and he believes anyone can learn to sing. Watch this video and find out how!
picture of a woman with a Routemaster
There's a new type of London's famous red double-decker buses: it's called the Routemaster. Would you like to take a ride? Watch this clip to find out what it's like!
picture of a fly
One day, maggots might save your life. How? Watch this clip to find out! (WARNING: this video contains pictures of maggots that you might find disgusting.)
picture from A Brief History of Writing
We do it every day, on paper, on our phones and on computers. But, what do you know about the history of writing? Watch this clip to find out more.