In her latest video, Sophia talks about her experiences observing Ramadan this year, and the personal challenges, as well as the rewards, it has brought. 


What did you think about the video? Did you learn anything new about Ramadan? 


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maryoma 8 May, 2018 - 09:46

I'm very happy that I've watched such a great video.
Actually Ramadan is the next week, which makes me super excited... I agree with everything Sophia said, but I just have a point to add, that in Ramadan we get to see our family and friends more often than usual days, because people in Ramadan usually invite there families and friends around sunset, so they can enjoy together as well as breaking there fasting...and even after sunset with about an hour or two, people go to Mosques for praying which really gives peace and calmness in your soul and gives you a chance to see your friends... and after the month Ramadan, we have Eid in which we celebrate after that great worship...and people tend to visit their families... In Eid, rich people should give poor people food, so they can enjoy the Eid with the rest of people...
Those were my notes, from Egypt
Excited for Ramadan...

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