Things I miss now I'm grown up

Asha talks about all the things she misses now that she's grown up. What do you think you'll miss from your childhood when you're an adult?  


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Hey, guys! My name is Asha and this video is for British Council’s LearnEnglish Teens website and YouTube channel. So, today has made me realise how much of a grown-up I am now. I do my own washing, I pay bills and I am trying to find a full-time job currently, which has really made me miss being a child, slash, teenager. So, I thought I would take this opportunity and make this video and to express how much I miss being a child, slash, teenager.

OK, let’s start with the most important, yet, like, biggest thing you do not realise when you are younger, and that is your parents and how much they do for you, whether that is cleaning, washing, making you food. The most important one: restocking the fridge. The amount of times I have gone into the kitchen and thought, ‘Why do I not have any cheese?’, and that’s because I haven’t been to the supermarket in ages. That is the most important and probably the one that I miss the most about being a child.

Another thing I miss a lot is seeing my friends at school every single day. I just miss those days you go to school and you just see your friends, every single day. You eat lunch with them, every single day. You go and play out with them, every single day. So, I do miss that.

OK, this one is super sad but I just can’t help it, but I miss being excited for things like Christmas and my birthday. It was always events where I was like, counting the days down, like, twenty-four days until my birthday, twenty-three days. Like, my birthday is next month and, honestly, I could not tell you how many days are left. And I remember back in the day, I would have a full-on countdown for events like this. So, it makes me sad that I can’t get myself excited about it any more.

I also miss probably paying for child tickets for theme parks, public transport. The price difference between an adult ticket and a child ticket is just, is just … like, that difference in money is huge. Sometimes I just want to get on somewhere and be, like, yeah, I’m a child still, please. Please.

And lastly, I miss just generally going to the park. When I go and I meet my friends it always involves money, whether it’s going to the cinema, going to town, going somewhere to eat. There is money involved. I miss those days where we could be happily at the park, enjoying ourselves on the swings and, yeah, I just … I really miss childhood so much.

Anyway, these are a few things that I personally miss (about) being a child, slash, teenager. Comment down below what you miss about childhood, slash, teenagehood, and if you are a teenager comment down below what you love about being a teenager and what you will probably miss. But otherwise, do not forget to subscribe and I will see you in the next video. Bye!


What do you think you'll miss from your childhood when you're an adult? 

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