Have you experienced bullying? You're not alone. Read the article to understand more about bullying and find out what you can do to stop it.


Bullying happens to different people in different places. If it’s happened to you, you’re not alone. In this video, teenagers who have faced and overcome bullying talk about their experience.


More messages ... Who is sending them? And what can Kay do?


The messages won't stop. Who is sending them? And what can Kay do?


The messages are getting worse, and Kay is really getting desperate. But what can she do?


Everyone thinks Chloe’s life is easy just because she gets good marks at school. Life is very different for her neighbour Craig. At school the other students laugh at him and at home his dad is always telling him off, but one day Chloe discovers Craig’s special talent …


In this short film people share their experiences of bullying. Listen to their stories and discover why they think some people bully and how bullying has changed their lives.


Look at the magazine article and do the exercises to improve your writing skills.


How do you make sure you stay safe online? Everyone who uses the internet needs to know how to use it safely. Read about online safety in the UK. 


Cyberbullying is a problem that everyone who uses the internet needs to be aware of. This video was created for schoolchildren in the UK to watch to warn them about the dangers of cyberbullying.