Do you want to know what people do on the biggest party night in the UK? Read on to find out.

New Year’s Eve celebrations start in the evening on 31 December in the UK. Some young people go to parties and others stay at home with their family. After the celebrations, it’s traditional to make plans for the new year on 1 January. These plans are called ‘New Year’s resolutions’ and the idea is to make some positive changes in your life. Some of the most popular resolutions are: to do more exercise, to stop smoking, to eat more healthily, to save money and to learn something new.

We asked young people around the UK about their plans and resolutions for the new year.

In Scotland, we celebrate Hogmanay at New Year. Last year I went to Edinburgh, our capital city, to the Hogmanay Street Party. It was epic! There were lots of cool bands – I saw Kasabian and Franz Ferdinand. The fireworks were amazing too. I think there were nearly 100,000 people there! I’m going again this year. My resolutions for this year are to be nicer to my little brother, spend less money on clothes and stop biting my nails.
Mary, 17, Glasgow

What are my plans? Well, I’m going swimming with my parents on the New Year’s Day swim this year. It’s freezing cold in the water but it is a fun way to start the year. Quite a lot of people meet on Brighton beach for this first swim of the year. I hope it doesn’t snow! I won’t be partying the night before because I’m not really a party kind of person. My family usually have a quiet evening and watch the celebrations on TV. My resolutions are to do my homework on time, eat less junk food, save up for a motorbike and remember my girlfriend’s birthday this year!
Ben, 16, Brighton

This New Year’s Eve I’m going to the centre of Newcastle with my sisters and friends to see in the new year. I love being in a crowd when the clocks strike midnight. Everyone kisses each other at twelve o’clock. Then we all sing a song called ‘Auld Lang Syne’ – it’s really funny because nobody can remember the words! We will probably get back home at four or five in the morning. As for my resolutions, I’m going to learn how to play the guitar, go running every day and study hard to get good grades for university.
Sophie, 18, Newcastle upon Tyne

I’m going snowboarding in Spain with my cousin and my parents. I want to stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve but maybe I’ll be too tired after snowboarding all day. My New Year’s resolution is to not make any New Year’s resolutions. They are impossible to keep!
Stuart, 14, Devon

Lots of Brits make New Year’s resolutions and then after a week or a month they find it difficult to continue. How can people keep their resolutions? Life coach Emma Nesdale gives some advice.

Make simple resolutions that are easy to do. If you want to lose weight you can decide to give up crisps and cakes rather than go on a strict diet. It’s a good idea to write your resolutions on a piece of paper to help you remember your plans. It’s easier to stick to your resolutions if you involve other people. You could go running with a friend or study for exams with a classmate.

Happy New Year!


How do you usually celebrate New Year's Eve? Do you make any resolutions?


Irini Real Madrid's picture
Irini Real Madrid 8 January, 2013 - 14:04

in albania we celebrate new year fantastically .hahahahahaha
we organize party and celebrate with our families or friends

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Etibar98's picture
Etibar98 6 January, 2013 - 15:14

I celebrate it with my friends, my EAMP classmates. We usually go to parties, or maybe we organize party ourselves....... and at 12.00 p.m we go to park and look fire.

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jenniferkim's picture
jenniferkim 6 January, 2013 - 04:15

I don't really celebrate New Year's day Eve.
I just send message to friends Happy New Year at the midnightor chat on the phone with my friends.

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Demy's picture
Demy 5 January, 2013 - 09:49

Hello everybody!!!
I celebrate every year in different ways.New Year in Ukraine occurs mainly in the house.This new year I celebrated at home with family and friends.We sat at a big table talking and singing.Teens dressed in festive costumes.After struck chimes we started hugging and kissing)In general it is so beautiful to meet this holiday in the family)
Last year my family and I celebrated the New Year abroad. it was also very fun.It was interesting to meet the holiday in a different culture and other traditions that are different from our)
But I think that the most important thing celebrate the New Year with yours friends and family!!!
Sorry for mistakes....)

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Jo - Coordinator's picture
Jo - Coordinator 5 January, 2013 - 10:35

Hi Demy!
Thanks for telling us about your New Year. It's great to hear about how people celebrate in different places - It's very interesting! I live in Spain and when the clock strikes midnight you have to eat a grape on every chime to bring you luck for the next 12 months. It's quite difficult!
Joanna (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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