Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for accessories.


Start with the image matching exercise. Then choose one or more of the other exercises to try.


What accessories do you wear?

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Submitted by Shashi on Wed, 07/10/2019 - 12:58

I 'm a girl. I wear earrings, hat, bag, belt, bracelet, watch, necklace and pocket. My country is very hot. So I wear a hat and cap. I wear earrings with floral designs. I like designs.

Submitted by ChiChiNaing on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 05:19

I have one rucksack, gloves, belt, necklace, Adidas cap. But I haven't a cap.
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Submitted by Dreamer07 on Sun, 05/26/2019 - 02:31

I'm a girl so I wear earrings, a bracelet. Next month, I will have glasses because of having poor eye sight. In my country, Summer will make you under the weather if you bring hat or cap. When winter comes, I may get ready gloves, scarf to keep warm.
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Submitted by empty on Wed, 04/24/2019 - 09:01


Submitted by miklasovaaa on Tue, 02/19/2019 - 10:12

I wear little earnrings. I wear big bag. I wear sunny glasses.

Submitted by miklasovaaa on Tue, 02/19/2019 - 10:09

This is not bad.

Submitted by miklasovaaa on Tue, 02/19/2019 - 10:01

I like this exercises. :)

Submitted by Prcka1 on Tue, 02/19/2019 - 09:45

I wear circular earrings. I wear bracelet. I wear necklace. I wear bag.

Submitted by Mzpzhlul on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 00:01

HI,Names Mzpzhlul ,first off all m not using bag,cuz m man,so m using rucksack, well i like using glasses and black belt everyday,but for somecase i need to use scarf and gloves it's protect me agains cold temperature,LOL,Oh ye and m not using necklace and earings,cuz its look like a wemen and i'm not a wemen,oh yeh last,now i know the different between a cap and a hat,LOL.

Submitted by GLCAlexis on Thu, 01/24/2019 - 16:45

i wear a ruckshack, a pocket and sometimes a pair of gloves

Submitted by HelloRapClick on Sat, 10/20/2018 - 09:12


Submitted by Sha99 on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 07:11

I always wear necklace, bracelet,earrings,ring.Sometimes I use Scarf also
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Submitted by Batgirl on Sat, 02/24/2018 - 18:03

I don't usually wear accesories, but I adore earrings. I have different earrings: stud earrings, earrings with pom-poms, and a lot of others. I think earrings can show the identity of the person.
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Submitted by Elsa007 on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 01:23

Hi Batgirl, Fantastic! By the way, what are pom-poms? Like the song by the Jonas Brothers? Elsa

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Submitted by OlescuVlad on Fri, 04/20/2018 - 07:27

A pom-pom – also spelled pom-pon, pompom or pompon – is a decorative ball or tuft of fibrous material. The term may refer to large tufts used by cheerleaders, or a small, tighter ball attached to the top of a hat, also known as a bobble or toorie. Pom-poms may come in many colors, sizes, and varieties and are made from a wide array of materials, including wool, cotton, paper, plastic, thread, glitter and occasionally feathers. Pom-poms are shaken by cheerleaders, pom or dance teams, and sports fans during spectator sports.

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Submitted by Jonathan - Coo… on Fri, 04/20/2018 - 11:35

Hi OlescuVlad. Just a quick reminder of one of our House Rules:

  • Do not copy ideas or information without saying where it came from.

Please add the source of the information if you can. Thank you!

Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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Submitted by OlescuVlad on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 08:35

Alright, well I copied it from Wikipedia if anyone was wondering.

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