Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for meat and fish.


Do you eat a lot of meat? Do you know anyone who is a vegetarian?


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FlowerQueen 5 September, 2021 - 20:17

Yes, I eat a lot of meat. I like salami very much.
I know some people, who are vegetarian:
A friend from my mother.
A girl from my class.
The daughter of my neighbours.
And some other people...

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Kostantinus 5 January, 2021 - 08:03

I eat all kind of meat, besause I think eating meat and fish is very important for our health. It's just my opinion. Yes, I have some friends vegetarians. One of them is Andrey and another one is Dima. They are good people and friends. Dima is a piano teacher and Andrey is an artist.

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Tina - Coordinator 5 January, 2021 - 08:49

Dear Kostantinus,

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Best wishes,
Tina (LearnEnglish Teens team)

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Sha99 4 July, 2018 - 14:57

I am not a vegetarian. I don't like meat. but I like to have prawns,fish and crab. One year back I tried to avoid meat and fish but I can't..I know lot of vegetarians..I like to be a vegetarian but I can't avoid fish foods....

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