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Who has a secret talent for rugby? Who will the coach select for the team? Watch the video to find out!


Watch the video. It's full of phrasal verbs, which are red in the comic. Then do the exercises to check you understand and can use the phrasal verbs.


Should schools have girls and boys on the same sports teams?

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Submitted by LauraMar on Fri, 11/11/2022 - 00:16

Should schools have girls and boys on the same sports teams? In my school the girls and the boys can be in the same team and I think that those things depends the type of person that play, if a person practices or if a person is lazy that makes the game different, and if you ask me that "Should schools have girls and boys on the same sports teams?" I think that yes, they should.
Profile picture for user Gunay

Submitted by Gunay on Wed, 06/01/2022 - 07:15

These animations are so good

Submitted by Vuquan on Thu, 09/10/2020 - 11:35

No because we can have a team for boy and a team for girl
Profile picture for user samoiset

Submitted by samoiset on Thu, 06/18/2020 - 10:39

can you add more and more and more video like this please i beg you we like these video :) british council is nember one yay please learnenglishteensteam thank you :)
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Submitted by Chocomint on Thu, 08/22/2019 - 13:55

I reckon it is really fun to let boys and girls play outside activities together. They can understand their strengths and weaknesses, I don’t mean girls are less stronger than boys but there are kind of sports such as football, boxing, basketball,...boys have to play with boys and girls have to play with girls. If we let them play together I think boys don’t feel comfortable to play with girls because their real strong can hurt girls.
Profile picture for user empty

Submitted by empty on Sun, 07/07/2019 - 12:26

Should schools have girls and boys on the same sports teams? I think they shouldn't .
Profile picture for user KemoF

Submitted by KemoF on Fri, 08/10/2018 - 13:42

I think it depends on the sport. Badminton, synchronized swimming, winter sports could be...
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