A flying visit home to the UK

Join Megan on a super-quick visit to the UK and see what a British home is like at Christmas time!


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Megan: Hi, everyone, and welcome back to another video for the LearnEnglish Teens website and their YouTube channel. This weekend I’m actually in England. I’ve come home just for two nights. I’m not actually coming home for Christmas this year because I’m going to experience what a German Christmas is like, but, um, yeah, I’ve come home the weekend before just to see my family and to catch up with them.

I’m currently at my dad’s house and it’s so festive, I love it! And I’m going to show you around a little bit. Um, maybe you’re interested in what an English home might look like at Christmas time, and … yeah!

So, we’re on the way to Ripley. We’re going to go get a drink, yeah? With my dad and my sister. My sister’s driving me. I’m not going to lie – I’m a little bit scared! She, um, when did you pass your test, Frey? (Frey: June.) She passed her test in June and obviously I’ve been in Germany, so she hasn’t driven me around too much, but it’s going all right so far.

So, we just had a nice drink in the café. We’re in a small village called Ripley, which is about two miles from where my dad’s house is. This is my dad. Say hi.

Dad: Hello!

Megan: And we’re now going on a small walk, next to the castle walls. Another castle! Um, yeah, and it’s a really nice day. It’s really sunny and it’s really good to be home.

So, it’s a lot later on now. I’m back at my mum’s house. She’s got the fire on … really cosy. I say really cosy, but unfortunately her central heating has broken and it’s December, so when you leave this room, it feels very, very cold in this house, which isn’t the best!

So, I’m just watching, what’re we watching? Strictly Come Dancing. Um, everyone in Britain is obsessed with this programme. And my best friend, Ailsa ...

Ailsa: Hi!

Megan: … is with me and, yeah, we’ve just had a Chinese and I’ve not had a Chinese for a long time. (Ailsa: It was good, it was good.) I haven’t had Chinese since August, so, it was really nice. And yeah! Just chilling. Got a cup of tea …

Yeah, Ailsa’s actually a singer. What’s your, what do you type into YouTube to find you?

Ailsa: ‘A’ … So, Ailsa Gray, and it’s A-I-L-S-A, and then Gray, with an ‘A’.

Megan: So, just Ailsa Gray?

Ailsa: Ailsa Gray. And then ailsagraymusic on Instagram.

Megan: Yeah, and Spotify.

Ailsa: And Spotify. Just type in Ailsa Gray.

Megan: And she’s such a good singer, and so if you guys want something new to listen to, definitely go listen to her!

Ailsa: Thanks!

Megan: You’re welcome.

Ailsa: Haha. Sorry, sorry!

Megan: It’s OK. We were just talking about what it’s like to live abroad, because you’ve never lived abroad.

Ailsa: I’ve never lived abroad, and I’ve always wanted to live abroad. But I’m so scared, just because of, like, the language barrier and stuff.

Megan: It is hard at the beginning. I was thinking about making a video on this, actually. Um, maybe some tips for living abroad for anyone who might be interested.

Ailsa: Like housing, as well, like, getting housing when the language is completely, like, it’s hard enough in your own language, but … in a different language.

Megan: Yeah. It is. It’s kind of, everything is that extra bit more effort.

Ailsa: Yeah. Takes longer.

Megan: Everything takes longer to do. But it’s worth it in the end.

It’s the next day now, and my mum and I are about to head to town. We’re going to go to Marks & Spencer’s, to places basically that I can’t go to in Germany and I’m really excited, as sad as that sounds, I’m really excited to do that. And I need to get some Tetley tea for one of the teachers at the school that I work at, because, again, you can’t, you just can’t get that in Germany, and … yeah and I’m flying home tonight which is crazy because I feel like I’ve just arrived. It’s only been two nights that I’ve been here.

Yeah, so I’ve literally been here for two nights. It’s gone so quickly! But, I am excited to go back to Germany because I love it there, and ... yeah, need to go back to school and got one more week of teaching and then it’s the Christmas holidays, which ... it’s going to be my first Christmas in Germany so, yeah, I’m really looking forward to that.


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Submitted by Mohamed Saufwan on Wed, 01/03/2024 - 06:26

I would like to visit to Germany because my friend live there I will apply to study with my friend.

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Submitted by Kostantinus on Sun, 03/28/2021 - 08:06

I want to visit all places I have not been to. Although I haven't travelled a lot yet, I like travelling very much so in the future I am going to do this.

Submitted by Seppup on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 13:27

If iam rich, i will visit in the world Like. Korea, japan, china, hongkong, dutch, uk, singapore, indonesia Watch sunset, dance in the rains Smlie with sunrise :))
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